Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10 Things to do (to ensure you enjoy) this November!

Holidays are never easy. It always seems like we have a ton of things to do and absolutely no time to get them done and that can make it a little harder to enjoy this season. This year….  I’ve compiled a list of things to do in November that I guarantee will not only have you smiling in the moment, but… you’ll look back on them and smile for years to come. Feel free to swap out anything that will make this list more helpful for you, but remember the goal is to find different way to actually enjoy your holiday without having to rush or stress.  

Let’s get started…

10. Schedule a Holiday Photo Shoot with your family.  – With apps like Facebook and Instagram, pictures are so instant we often forget the importance of (family) portraits. This year... #10 on my list suggests we take a moment to incorporate them back into ours lives. And whether you decide on an Autumn or Winter setting, step outside of the box and take your memories outdoors for your 2016 Holiday photos.

9.  Pick out Holiday cards to send to your family and friends. – Share those family photos with a Holiday photo card. People tend to keep cards with photos on them much longer than they do your average Hallmark card, and well, they're just better to look at visually. Oh, and be sure to update your mailing list before sending them out.   

8.  Decide on your Holiday color/theme and purchase your decorations. – If you’re anything like me, one of the best parts of this season is the dΓ©cor. Need some inspiration? Visit your local Michael’s or Beverly’s craft stores this weekend. 

7. Head up to one of these five places with the family and pick your Holiday tree. – Try something new this holiday season and GO FRESH!  This will be a great experience for your family, especially if you have young kids. And there is nothing like the smell of fresh pine. <3

6.  Volunteer at your local food bank.  – This season is all about being thankful and giving back. What better way to do that than serving those in need? Take your children along also. In a world where everyone is all about self, these type of things will keep them grounded.

5. Host a Friendsgiving “Dessert” Night. – Thanksgiving is usually spent with family, but… what about your friends? Schedule a Friendsgiving Dessert night the weekend before Thanksgiving (or whenever works best in your schedule) and spend an evening laughing, drinking, eating great desserts, and being grateful for the people in your life. Try it Potluck style to cut down on the cost.

4. Let your creative and "not-so-create" juices flow.  – Whether you make your own wrapping paper, knit everyone in your family and scarf and glove set, or put a new spin on an old family recipe, CREATE SOMETHING. 

3.  Decide on your contribution to Thanksgiving dinner. – Yep, that’s right… your contribution! LOL. Bring something more than your appetite to Thanksgiving dinner this year. And if you need an idea… I’ll be posting my Glamourous Spiked Apple Cider recipe in the coming week. Check it out!

2.  Plan and begin a Holiday workout/fitness regimen - It’s no secret that the holidays can add a pound or ten to your waistline, but, it doesn’t have to be that way.  The best way to prevent those pesky pounds is to plan your holiday.  Keep the treats and eats to a minimum. Don’t eat out of the bag, box, or carton. And try eating your meals on a saucer verse a dinner plate for portion control. Greens are always good, of course. Try drinking a glass of warm water with a cinnamon stick in it BEFORE any meal to fill you up faster.  Lastly, be active! You can walk, run, dance and just move (at a decent pace) for 20 minutes each day. If you’re thinking to yourself, “when will I have time to walk, run, dance or just move?” try your lunch break and take your favorite coworker with you.

1.  Attend my Cupcakes, Cocktails & Conversation event on November 19 at 8PM.  – What!? Lol.  What did you think #1 would be? πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ Tickets are available here

I hope you enjoyed my list and more importantly, I hope you find it helpful in creating lasting memories and keeping the holiday stress down. Comment below with your ideas on how to enjoy the holiday and make it as stress-less as possible.  Oh, and if you haven’t already, LIKE my Facebook page! Thanks. πŸ™

Happy November Friends!


Friday, October 21, 2016

GLAMvoy presents... Cupcakes, Cocktails & Conversation!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"What can [we] as Black Men do in order for you to feel more supported and loved?"

There is a video circulating with a young black woman taking a stand against marching or protesting for black men due to their lack of support for black women. I was tagged in a post discussing her video on my personal page and asked what I thought about the context of the video. I was also asked a question I've never before now been asked by a black man. I was asked, "What can [we] as Black Men do in order for you to feel more supported and loved?"

As this was a first, it took me a second to gather my thoughts, and, well... here is my answer.

In order for black men to show black women that he supports/loves her, he must: 
1. Stop comparing us to other races and or our mixed-race counterparts. WE ARE WORTHY, and we deserve to be told it and shown it REGULARLY!

2. Stop talking down to us and about us for what you don't understand. BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT BLACK WOMEN.

3. Attempt to understand what we are, who we are, and why we are, rather than ASSuming the answer (by way of what you've heard).

4. Treat us like you'd want a man to treat your grandmother, mother, sister or daughters. THAT ALONE WOULD CHANGE SO MUCH!

5. Step into the role/position that God gave you, and:
     a. BE PRESENT!!!!!!!!

     b. Take responsibility of your seed (use protection) and stop sowing it any and everywhere possible. - STOP LAYING WITH WOMEN YOU CAN'T SEE FOR YOUR LIFE... LONG TERM!

     c. Take accountabilty for your seeds - BE A FATHER TO YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!! Not a part-time father. Not a half-assed father. Not a payment father. A FATHER. The one A LOT of you NEVER had.

     d. Learn to control, and then channel your emotions rather than disregarding them and or pretending they don't exist.

     e. Learn your strength mentally and emotionally, rather than just physically.

     f. Learn to communicate, then educate us (black women) how to speak your language.

6. PROTECT US. - If you see someone disrespecting us (black, white, blue or gold), abusing us, etc. SPEAK UP FOR US! Speak out for us the same way we do for you all.

7. BE WILLING, READY, AND AVAILABLE TO DO THE WORK. Black women, like black men (hell, black people in general) carry a heavy burden but, instead of bailing on the black man (as A LOT of them have us) we take on the task of loving and protecting you. We need those same efforts back ten times over.

8. BE OKAY WITH WHO YOU ARE AND THE LIFE YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE. So often black men aren't confident in who they are, what they like, their placement in society, etc. And because they are worried about how they will be viewed - especially by each other (will he think I'm weak if I.. ?) - they hardly ever reach their fullest potential. Which in turn causes problems in their relationships with women - especially black women - because we look to you for strength and leadership.

9. Give us the honor of marriage. Black men (not all, most) will fight diligently against what and who they know is right for their life - to feel relevant or like "they still got it," - that they'll leave a relationship before committing to it. THAT'S CRAZY! Like, stop being afraid of change. Realize that the amount of women you CAN have doesn't validate who or what you are like the one woman you choose to have in your corner forever. And if someone challenges that theory, make them prove it.

  .. just to name a few.

Nevertheless, I do believe black women - some, not all - are slowly but surely starting to give up on black men (especially the younger generation) for A LOT of the reasons she named. And, in my opinion, it goes waaaaaaay beyond "marching" or "supporting" black men through protest and or due to the high levels of police brutality they experience. I think black women are getting tired of protecting and supporting black men and then being left out there, alone.  However, again, in my opinion, this will do more harm to bringing us together and or rebuilding our communities than good.
Your thoughts?

Friday, January 8, 2016

LIFESTYLE: 10 tips to help you land the position!

I was recently contacted by a friend for assistance with preparing for a couple of interviews she has scheduled later this week. I felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to share some of the information I gave her on how to put your best foot forward for an interview you may have coming up as well.

1.      Resumes are important. Your resume works as your representative.  It is the first initial contact that you will make with a potential employer. You should always have an updated copy of your cover letter, your resume, and your references.

I recently held an interview panel for my company.  And although the candidates were asked to upload their resumes and cover letters when applying, I paid very close attention to those who were able to hand a paper copy to each of the interviewers sitting on the panel. 
2.      Always print your resume on resume paper (preferably on off-white colored paper) to present a more professional looking presentation.
A lot of employers use technology (tablets, etc.) to view your resume. However, there are still those who don’t.  Ditch the creative fonts, the clip art, etc. as it distracts employers from your qualifications but, keep the fancy paper as it does stand out in a pile of white copy paper.
3.      As group panels are becoming more common when interviewing candidates, always have at least three copies of your resume on hand.  
Again, with technology at the forefront of our lives there are companies that will not ask you for your resume. However, for those that do, you want to be prepared.
4.      How you carry these documents is as important as having them.  I recommend you purchase a black or brown leather portfolio folder.  In your folder should be your documents, a blue ink pen, a black ink pen, and a small note pad in case you may need to take notes.  If you do freelance/contract work and have a business card, keep that in your folder as well.  Employers love to know that you are organized and prepared.
Ditch the large purses, the manila file/package folders, and the backpacks. Leather folders are an interview accessory that shows professionalism and organization.
5.       Always arrive 15 minutes early, but no more than 15 minutes.
Contrary to what you see in the movies, most employers are not interested in having their candidates converse in the office lobby. Therefore they schedule their interviews with enough time for you to exit the building and the next candidate to enter. The average interview lasts approximately forty-five minutes.  Most interviews are scheduled one hour apart for that reason.
6.      When it comes to attire, “Generation Mil” has slightly altered the way we dress for an interview today.  Where it is still very important to look professional when going on an interview, personality, creativity, and style play a huge part in standing out from the competition.
Keep in mind the field and position that you are interviewing for when choosing your attire. First impressions are still very important when meeting a potential employer. The employer hiring for a position in the Art industry may welcome a candidate in a Salmon colored blazer, whereas an employer hiring for a position in the Finance industry may not.  
7.       Sex(y) sells, but… if Prostitute or Escort is not the position you’re applying for, sexy shouldn’t be the look you are going for either.  Make sure your attire fits your body, but isn’t form fitting.
Try to stay away from shirts that reveal too much cleavage, collared shirts that pull in the breast/stomach area, or skirts that reveal too much leg.  Sleeveless shirts should only be worn under a blazer.  And if you choose to wear slacks, make sure they don’t cling to your thighs or they’re not too baggy.  Men, make sure your suit fits your body. There is nothing worse than a man in a baggy suit. If you opt to wear a sweater with a collared shirt and tie, make sure your shirt isn’t baggy under your sweater, and that sweater isn’t oversize and droopy. And lastly, make sure your shoes are clean and polished. Your resume can get you in the door but, your presentation will speaks for you waaaaaay before you are able to say anything.
8.       When getting ready for an interview, go easy on the makeup and the perfume/cologne.
Remember, first impressions are very important.  Make sure to give yourself a natural look that only highlights your beauty when applying makeup for an interview. Try to avoid bright colored lipsticks, eye shadows, and blushes. Also, be mindful of your potential employer’s senses. Apply very little, if any, perfume/cologne on when going on an interview. Some businesses are scent-free establishment due to allergies their employees may have.
9.       Do not eat or drink anything (besides water) 30 minutes before your interview. 

Food and or beverage smells and coloring linger on your breath long after you’ve finished your meal.  Be sure to give yourself time to eat your meal, have your drink, and chew gum or eat a few mints with ease.  And when it comes to mints and gum, do not enter an interview with either in your mouth. You may think it’s hidden but, trust me… it can be seen when you’re speaking.
10.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!  The number one question asked in an interview is “What do you know about [insert company name here]?” 
It is safe to assume that for every job posted, there are at least one hundred applicants applying for that position. Employers usually contact the most qualified, according to their resume, for an interview.  Doing your research will show your potential employer that you are interested in something other than the pay check they can provide. It shows that you have invested your time in getting to know what the company does and how YOU can be an asset to it. And when doing your research, do not stop at their website.  Research whether they have a LinkedIn account or a Facebook account and visit it. Research any articles or postings that may have been written about the company, etc.  Research the type of people they currently employ and their qualifications and look for similarities you may have with them. The information you can learn from doing your research on a company can give you an advantage on not only the competition, but answering the questions in the interview.
I hope the information above helps you on your hunt!